Tuesday, May 11, 2010

APS tried to ban Death Note

Yup, they tried, and they failed. First off, the reason they gave was that "killing is not something our kids should be able to pick up and read about." Second, they overlooked the fact that even bright and cheery "magical girl" series have killing. So if they were to ban Death Note, they would have to ban a lot of manga. This poorly justified action offends me both an avid anime fan and as an Albuquerque native. Way to tarnish the city's image. Oh, and had the measure passed, it would only apply to high school libraries, meaning any 5-11 year old APS student could waltz in and read about potentially killing Justin Bieber with a notebook. Pretty bad oversight if you ask me.
I still found it absolutely hilarious that someone wrote Justin Bieber's name in a "Death Note."

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