Monday, January 31, 2011

Review: Wandering Son 3

It is the end of the world... welcome to the world of wires and lace.

With the slight monotony and over dramatization of last week's episode, I look towards this week's episode with the hope that something interesting may happen. And within the first few seconds something did.  The masculine tomboy heroine, Takatsuki is told by her coach she now needs to wear a bra. Her initial reaction was priceless as depicted. 

More transgender drama after the jump!

And thus, the third episode begins with a nostalgic waltz through the trials of puberty once more.  This episode managed to be more entertaining and less dramatic as the last episode. Here, the students are preparing for a class festival, and the topic that they voted for was... genderbender play. With the support of Takatsuki, Nitori, our male hero, takes on the role of writing the play. Chiba ,who came up with the idea, writes her own play as well, a modern take of Romeo and Juliet. 

The rest of the episode grew to be a bit sporadic, with random bits of comedy that seemed unnecessary. For instance, the awkward scene with Nitori's older sister undressing him when he was dressed as a girl, when her boyfriend walks in. 
In addition, to the random bits of humor, there was also Takatsuki's problem with puberty and the fact she does have to wear a bra.  Nevertheless, I did seem to sympathize with her, being a girl, tomboy , and such, and having facing a similar problem in 5th grade. What struck me the most, was when she looked at the boy's uniform so longingly and wept, realizing that she is a woman, and her body will never be able to wear it.
T_____T I know how you feel.
I thought this episode would talk more about the play or give some more inkling towards plot, but unfortunately that wasn't the case. Instead it was emphasized again, about a bazillion times, of how Takatsuki is the Juliet who wishes to be a Romeo, and Nitori is a Romeo who wishes to be a Juliet.  I already got that from the first episode, thank you very much. 

Animation was still brilliant as the first time, but I fear using that as a reason to keep watching the show is getting old. I'm too stubborn to drop anime once I see it, so I guess I'm giving Hourou Musuko another chance. And if anything, I'd be only watching it to see how Takatusuki develops as a character, and to sympathize with her.

In short, it is a pretty good anime, only if you have time for it. 

Hourou Musuko episode 3

Plot Advancement: 2/5
Drama, Slice of Life: 5/5
Characters: 3/5
Episode Plot: 2 /5
Animation Quality: 5/5

Overall: 3.5/5

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