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Yuri's Spring 2011 Season Preview

Even with the recent earthquake in Japan, a single fact remains: winter season is almost over.  And that means it's time for a season preview!  Several series caught my eye when I looked over the chart, and I'll detail a few of them in this post.

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The manager in Moshidora.  She's kinda pretty.

First up is Moshidora, an anime about a girl who manages a high school baseball team.  She reads a BUSINESS management book, and promptly leads the team to a championship.  Now, if the name of this blog didn't give it away, I am a HUGE baseball fan, so when I saw this series on the chart, I was thrilled.  Said thrill was amped up by the fact that Opening Day is 4 days away, as of this writing.  What I'm hoping for is that this series will have a message of teamwork and passion, instead of half-assing a cheap story.  It only has 10 episodes, according to MAL, and it's already delayed, thanks to the aforementioned earthquake.  According to the Fansub Wiki, Moshidora will air April 25th.
Watching?: HELL. YES.
Reviewing?: Almost certainly.

Next, I'll preview The World God Only Knows 2.  For those who don't know, The World God Only Knows is about a boy, Keima Katsuragi, who does nothing but play gal games and has no interest in real-life girls.  One day, this "capturing god" recieves a challenge to capture 100 loose spirits, which are taking refuge in girls' bodies.  Structured like a visual novel, with character arcs, and even making reference to the conventions (each episode is a "flag"), TWGOK was very good.  I'm betting on this season being a lot like the first one.  What I'm hearing from fans of the manga is that a new main character is being introduced in this season.  Counting on more of the same here, as I often see most second seasons being.  Listed at 12 episodes on MAL, and, like everything else, delayed by the earthquake.

Watching?: Yes.
Reviewing?: To start out, yeah.

Now for an OVA preview.   Nana to Kaoru (Nana and Kaoru) is about a guy named Kaoru.  He is a virgin, and has an S&M fetish.  Naturally, he has toys to appease this fetish.  One day, his childhood friend, Nana, gets a hold of some of his toys.  Turns out she LIKES them.  Now, I have no clue why this interests me.  Rather, it should turn me away.  But it doesn't.  I'm not sure what to expect from it.  Guess I'll have to wait till it airs.  Listed at ? episodes on MAL, air date unknown to begin with.

Nana to Kaoru
Watching?: Sure, why not?
Reviewing?: Yeah.

Yup. That girl at the top IS in bondage.

And now for the guilty pleasure of the season: Kampfer fur die Liebe.  To summarize, Kampfer is a fantasy-action-ecchi-genderbender about Natsuru Senou, a Kampfer, which is German for "warrior".  Not much happens in the way of fighting, though.  Kampfer fur die Liebe roughly translates as "Kampfer: Fight For Love".  It's supposed to continue where the TV series left off.  Go watch episode 12, and tell me what happens next. After watching the PV, I'm expecting more of the same.  That is, boobs, bullets, Akane being a badass, and Natsuru certifying himself as the densest material known to man.

Kampfer: fur die Liebe
Watching?: Yup.
Reviewing?: I'll have a go at it.

That's my spring review plate.  If you wanna see everything I'm watching, including backlog, check out my MAL profile.  Also, the other writers here will be posting their previews, too!  Got something to say?  Want to tell me what you're watching?  Let your voice be heard! Leave a comment!

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