Sunday, April 3, 2011

Review: Nana to Kaoru OVA 1

Grammar aside... This girl is a damn perv.

People get off on some weird stuff these days.  Anything from leather to nekomimi.  Yet, at the same time, just as many people get off on the classic stuff, like BDSM.  Before I continue, a little background on this subject is needed, for those who don't know.  BDSM stands for Bondage, Dominance, SadoMasochism.  Essentially, one person, the dominatrix, ties up the other person and beats them till they orgasm.  That's BDSM in its simplest sense.  Many couples add extra effects to make it special.  Now, then. On with the review!

 Whips and gags and jumps, oh my!

 Nana is a elite student.  However, she has a secret that helps her maintain those nice grades.  You see, she agreed to hold onto a black bondage suit for her friend Kaoru, who happens to like S & M.  Kaoru instructs Nana on how to act when she's wearing the suit.  And so the "relaxation" between the two begins.  Consequently, Kaoru has Nana dressing up in suzumiku, tying her hands behind her back, blindfolding her, tying THE REST of her up, and... taking pictures.  Of course, no one ever said that Nana was initially OKAY with this.

Okay, positives, positives... Umm... Well, the art was VERY nice, even by OVA standards, combining fluid animation (somehow, the animators felt it was necessary to animate every last movement of Nana's breasts.) and great attention to detail.  The dialogue was... convincing, though there were grammar errors, but that's more the subber than the actual recorded Japanese.

The concept of the OVA (BDSM) alone might be enough to turn away casual viewers, though hardcore BDSM fans will get a kick out of this.  The episode bordered on hentai at moments, which really isn't all that surprising.  Additionally, the length of the episode, 26 minutes, is basically the same as a standard anime episode, rather than the 40 or 60-minute OVAs I'm actually used to.

Overall, a VERY well-done episode.  Like I said, this is definitely a niche show, aimed solely at BDSM fans.  A casual fan may be traumatized by this show, what with the bondage and the gags.  Beautiful art, somewhat realistic characters, and legit dialogue combine for an... interesting show.

Nana to Kaoru 1:

Animation Quality: 5/5
Borderline Hentai: 4/5
Characters: 3.5/5
Plot Advancement: Plot? What plot?
Episode Plot: 4/5

Overall: 4/5

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