Thursday, March 15, 2012

Review: Black Rock Shooter 4

Black Rock Shooter Episode 4: another episode, another Kid freaking out.

So, this episode opens in the Human world. The setting? Kagari's first day at school. Well, everyone seems to like her, And she's gained a few new friends. Our little Kagari is no longer insane~
Just one problem... Yomi doesn't seem to like it. And this only adds onto the stress that she's not spending as much time with Mato. Can she handle all of this? Nope. She just can't take that her only two friends are hanging out with others, this could be the effect of Black Gold Saw taking away Dead master from Chariot and Black Rock Shooter (Not so much chariot as she is now at the bottom of a canyon).
Anyway, Dead Master is now incased in her own chains, causing her to lose who she really is, and attack Black Rock. This will definately cause some disruptions in the real world.

Now for the technical stuff...
Quality of the show has dropped a bit, but it could just be me, I didn't really see that much going on in terms of plot advancement until we got to the end. Not gonna spoil it for you, but I kinda liked it. Now As for music, I feel sad to say this but I didn't really hear anything new in the show music wise... But I will give them props for the music that plays in the final scene.

Overall, not a very satisfying episode.

Characters: 2.5/5
Plot Advancement: 3/5
Creepy Children: 5/5
Sword Use: 1/5
Animation quality: 3/5

Overall: 3/5

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