Thursday, June 26, 2014

Breaking It Down: Kei + Yuri

Hello, and welcome to the latest installment of Breaking It Down! Today, we're going to look at not one, but two characters. These particular characters are rarely, if ever, seen apart. They're quite (in)famous in their trade for causing collateral damage, earning them the nickname of The Dirty Pair. Yes, today, we're going to look at The Lovely Angels themselves, Kei and Yuri.

Spoilers(?) beyond this here jump.

First off, a little background on these two. Kei and Yuri are two rather infamous Trouble Consultants working for the World Work Welfare Association, or 3WA. Their infamy comes from their uncanny tendency to cause large amounts of collateral damage. More on that in a bit. First, let's examine Kei.

Kei is the more hotheaded member of the Lovely Angels, and it's definitely reflected in her brash speech manner and decision-making, the latter of which often has to be reeled in by Yuri. It is often Kei's reckless decisions that cause the collateral damage, and it is often Kei that takes the brunt of their boss Gooley's anger.

Rarely seen apart, Kei's partner Yuri is very coolheaded in comparison. She is often the one to reel Kei in, and is very much what one would call a girly girl, yet not a girly girl. Yuri often has to remind Kei of the current mission, and often attempts to limit the damage done during such missions.

Kei and Yuri will absolutely do whatever it takes to complete a mission, doing damage up to and including the destruction of an entire planet. Of course, they find time to chase men in between missions. They fit boke-tsukkomi tropes to a T, with Kei as the boke and Yuri as the tsukkomi.

That's it for this installment of Breaking It Down. Join me next time. As of this writing, I haven't figured out who's next. I do, however, have several reviews on the way.

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