Monday, December 20, 2010

Review: MM! 12 + Overall thoughts

Well, this is it. The last episode of MM!. Fittingly, a Christmas episode. Will the series end with joy and cheer? Or will my disappointment continue?

We open with Tarou pulling a sleigh carrying Mio and several large Christmas trees. The plan: people write wishes on cards and hang them on the trees for God/Mio to grant. What's the date again? Last I checked, it's December, not July.

Two wishes in particular were addressed in the episode, both involving cafe work at rival locations, with Tarou as the prize for whichever camp does better. The plot was incredibly predictable from there, effectively destroying any hope I had left for the show. It de-evolved into a typical romantic comedy plotline, including the Pocky game.

My Christmas wish: Turn back time, take the budget from the last few episodes of MM!, and give it to Panty and Stocking. This show did not know when to quit, instead throwing the same stale jokes at me for 4 weeks. There was no hint of plot advancement, and even when there was character development, the show failed to build on it. The result of these flaws: a show that even a 5-year old couldn't enjoy.

Episode 12:

Plot Advancement: 1.5/5

Comedy: 1/5

Characters: .5/5

Episode Plot: 2/5

Episode Overall: 1.5/5

Series Overall:

Plot: 2.5/5

Comedy: 3.5/5

Characters: 3/5

Pacing: 1.5/5

Series Overall: 2.5/5


  1. what episode is this on I preseate it if you told me thanks ; D

  2. never mined I found out that it was on your page sorry : (