Monday, January 3, 2011

Review: Rio - Rainbow Gate! 1

First show of Winter 2011 anime season happens to be one I mentioned a while back: Rio Rainbow Gate!. Revolving around a bishoujo dealer, Rio, who is on a quest to collect the 13 "gate cards" so she can be given the title of Most Valuable Card Dealer. Let's see what the first episode had in store...

The opening scene shows who I assume is Rio lying in bed. We get a shot of her panties. Uhhh... Methinks this may be a fanservice anime. Ah, well. We get a tour of the Howard Resort city, which apparently has San Francisco-style trolleys and Vegas-style shows.

The animation was really good, and seeing the little girl, Mint, talking to her teddy bear was pretty amusing. The dialogue wasn't very cheesy, and the fanservice was pretty tame. Can't have a casino without bunny girls, though.

There are a few negatives. Despite being called Rio Rainbow Gate, we really didn't see too much of Rio until about 9 minutes into the episode. And the fanservice has the potential to ruin the show.

Overall, the episode was excellent, especially in terms of presentation. I really felt like I was in Vegas when I was watching, with bunny girls and beautiful dealers. The fanservice was kept in check, which is good. I'll definitely be watching this one.

Rio Rainbow Gate! 1:

Episode Plot: 3.5/5
Characters: 4/5
Comedy: 4.5/5
Plot Advancement: N/A

Overall: 4/5

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