Monday, January 24, 2011

Review: Wandering Son 2

Alright, so I'm watching almost everything this winter 2011 season. However, one show seems to intrigue me the most is Wandering Son, or Hourou Musuko. As an avid sci-fi and action anime fan, this show is extremely out of character for me. Episode one managed to get me intrigued as I was introduced to this new unconventional plot line. Basically, we're introduced to young Shuichi Nitori, a young effeminate sixth grade boy who secretly longs to be a girl. Conversely, we meet his friend Yoshinino Takatsuki, a tall masculine girl who wants to be a boy.
Nitori pondering about his desire to be a girl.
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Throughout the first episode, we are shown their first day of 6th grade and are given a few insights to their previous relationship and their lives. Like how Nitori used to model as a girl and how Takatsuki and him broke up as friends. Just to crush whatever perverted thoughts you may have, this is NOT an ecchi anime. Rather, it's a coming of age anime that most of us could probably relate to.

In episode 2, we are presented with more background information about their friendship involving another girl, Saori Chiba who liked Nitori. Personally, I felt this episode was quite slow for my liking, though I really love the animation, which is as unique as the plot. It gives a watercolor type of look to the whole show, using pale sensitive colours, probably to hint at Nitori's femininity.

Just a sample of the gorgeous animation. *w*

What I didn't like about this episode, was that it seemed to be too slow and lethargic. Not to mention, it reminded me of high school drama that I would like to keep forgotten. However, it did slightly advance the plot, though I still don't know where this anime is heading to.

In short, Hourou Musuko is a cute anime, describing the trials of puberty and realizing your own sexualities and how your own curiosities can make the public hate you. Though this episode may have bored me a bit, I'm still curious to see where this show will lead me to.

Hourou Musuko episode 2

Plot Advancement: 3.5/5
Drama, Slice of Life: 5/5
Characters: 4/5
Episode Plot: 3.5 /5
Animation Quality: 5/5

Overall: 4/5

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