Monday, September 5, 2011

What's the difference between laughably bad and terrible anime?

Isn't she cute? No way her show could be bad... right?

Over the last few months or so, I've developed a reputation, it seems, for watching a lot of bad anime. But how does one differentiate between "so bad, it's good" anime and just plain terrible anime?  Stick around, and I'll tell ya!

Is it bad? Is it good? Is it both? Find out after the break!

Hello, plot abandonment.
First off, I want to just make it clear that I wholly prefer the "so bad, it's good" variety of bad anime.  As such, I'll start with that.  For a show to be so bad, it's good, it either needs a laughably stupid premise or a cast of Large Hams.  Kampfer is a very good example of such an anime. The premise is VERY busty girls fighting to the death... at first.  Not only does it abandon this premise very early on, but it does in such a way that you can just laugh at it infinitely.  For the "cast of Hams" variety, take a look at Gurren Lagann.  The show wouldn't have been nearly as interesting if Kamina and Simon didn't yell in every episode.

'sup, false advertising?

Now we've all seen that horrid anime series that we just want to forget.  That's the defining trait of a plain terrible show: you pretend it doesn't exist.  It's so bad, you want to gouge your eyes out, because that would be more enjoyable than, say, marathoning Highschool of the Dead.  You would rather watch Boku no Pico than this crap.  Even KissxSis would be a better fate.

As mentioned above, I much prefer shows like Kampfer, where I can at least laugh at how bad it is.  Shows like HOTD, a show so bad, you run out of things to mock after about the 4th episode, are not my preference.  If you're up for a nice headache from how stupid it is, I highly recommend watching Kampfer.  Your pharmacy bill will thank you later, after you stock up on aspirin.

Now you know the difference between "so bad, it's good" anime and downright awful anime.  And knowing is half the battle!


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  2. I didn't like HOTD or Kampfer. The only reason Kampfer was tolerable was because of trap Natsuru. HOTD was a complete dissapointment, but I hope they at least make a 2nd season, since the first one ended right about where it got interesting in the manga.