Thursday, December 15, 2011

12 Days of Anime: #11: The Anime Club Experience

Technically, I joined the local anime club in 2010. But I feel that 2 months isn't enough time to really say anything significant.  In 2011, though, many great things happened in that club.  Of course, some bad things happened, too.  But I'd rather focus on the positive.  Today, I'll recall a few things that happened during the year 2011 in the University of New Mexico Anime Club.

 First and foremost, the highlight of every semester in Anime Club is the convention trip at the end of the term.  Over Memorial Day weekend this year, I was able to attend one of those trips, which I'll cover in more detail in a later 12 Days post.  The club drives to the conventions, which creates its own stories before the con even starts.  Again, that's for another post.

While it is an anime club, it also doubles as the video game club.  There are generally 2-4 TVs, all hooked up to different consoles.  Despite not being the vocal point of the club, this part does attract a good chunk of the members.  I will admit, I find myself wandering over to that room quite often.  After all, the screening isn't always something I like, so there needs to be an alternative activity.

Last, but certainly not least, is the week-to-week activities, such as maid cafe, cosplay day, swap meets, and the Halloween party.  The various events the club puts on add variety to the club, instead of it being monotonous every week.  Additionally, the screening themselves are usually themed, which is nice.  It lets me decide if I like the theme of the anime screening, and if I don't, I go to the video game room.

A year later, I'm really glad I joined the anime club.  It's given me something to do after work on Saturdays. It's also been good for my social life, as I've made several new friends, either in club or at the trip to Denny's after the meetings.  I also gained a place to chill after class during the week.  So, if you're an anime fan who's worried about your social life... join an anime club.

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