Wednesday, December 21, 2011

12 Days of Anime: #5: Calendar Shenanigans

Starting with the 2011 calendar, I have taken to ordering a calendar on J-List every year.  They have so many calendars, it's sometimes hard to choose.Once I finally decide on a calendar, I wait a few weeks until it eventually comes.  It's fun, because every calendar is different, yet one thing is true: the art is beautiful.

For 2011, I ordered an absolutely beautiful calendar featuring art from the film The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya. Perhaps you've heard of it?  Even when I took it down the other day, I kept it because I loved the art so much.  Well worth the $50 price tag, I'd say.  But, there comes a time when change is needed, and I felt that time had come.

So I decided "out with Haruhi, in with Railgun", and put up a 2012 calendar for the series A Certain Scientific Railgun.  I love the series and its characters, and I had missed out on buying the 2011 calendar.  So I jumped at the chance this time.  I can't say I regret it, either.  Even though it's a poster calendar instead of a traditional one, I still love it.

Since I started buying anime calendars, I've felt more complete as an anime fan.  Plus, I can keep the calendars as autograph material at conventions.  Now, if only I could actually GO to conventions.  That'd be even better.  It'd sure beat sitting around and watching anime and Whose Line all day.  Conventions is a topic for another post.

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