Thursday, December 22, 2011

12 Days of Anime: #4: Censoring The Censor

Recently, the US federal government drafted a bill entitled the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA).  This bill, which was so poorly written that it didn't even have countermeasures written in, threatened to effectively censor the internet.  Now, how does this possibly relate to anime?  Just sit right back, and I'll tell you...

Living outside of Japan, the only way I can watch new anime is to download or stream it from the internet.  SOPA would effectively shut down even legal sites like Crunchyroll and Netflix, since the bill is so vague about streaming.  This would create a domino effect that would hurt the anime industry in Japan, which kills said industry in the West.

So what measures did I take to help fight the bill?  Well, I increased the amount of viewing I do via streaming, in the hopes that someone would notice.  Seems like my efforts helped, since the vote on the bill won't even happen until next year.  Another victory for bronies the internet!  We will fight until the bitter end!  We will not submit!

Censor the internet? Like hell.  And even if it DID pass, people would find a way around it.  You can't underestimate the internet generation.  'sides, it's not like the Prohibition did anything... History buffs, you guys rock.  Ah, now I'm getting off-topic, so that probably means I need to wrap this up.  Sorry that it's thinner than usual.

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