Monday, December 19, 2011

12 Days of Anime: #7: Casting Pods

Over the last year, I had an opportunity to participate in a few podcasts.  Of course, this necessitated buying a headset.  Nonetheless, I found myself with a cool opportunity to get myself a little exposure.  It also made me feel like I belonged somewhere.  I also discovered a few other things about myself by podcasting.

The very first podcast I did was technically in 2010, but it was still significant.  It was the Otaku In Review podcast, and I was a nervous wreck.  I never spoke unless spoken to, and frequently stumbled over my words for the first 20 minutes or so.  I knew I was just starting out, and that I'd get better with more experience.  And then Dustin of Project Haruhi approached me.

When Dustin and Jon asked me to fill in for Jon on Bakacast for a couple weeks, I was ecstatic, as I'd been getting along with them pretty well.  I felt more comfortable, and knew what to expect, since I constantly listen to Bakacast.  I was still fairly nervous and somewhat quiet, but I blame my shyness for that.  Somehow, being on that podcast made me really happy.  I started to relax a bit.

Evidently, Scott liked my Otaku In Review appearance enough to want me back to discuss Touhou.  I obliged, finally getting around to it in June.  I was much more relaxed, and there was a different co-host this time around.  But that didn't faze me.  I came on the podcast, and I discussed Touhou for about 45 minutes.  And I certainly had more fun than the previous time.  I thought about doing regular podcasts after that.

For a while, I had been doing semi-regular podcasts, mostly on Bakacast.  But, deep inside, I longed to have a regular spot on a podcast, something I knew I wouldn't get on Bakacast.  But, just like when Dustin approached me for Bakacast, Ryan of Anime Pulp talked to me about a regular spot on their podcast.  I accepted, though the gig lasted for about 4 episodes.  I did enjoy it, though, because it got me to watch some interesting stuff.

In retrospect, doing podcasts really helped to kill my shyness.  I went from a nervous wreck to a cheery co-podcaster.  Even though I've mostly been jettisoned from Bakacast in favor of someone else, I hope I can get back to doing that one.  I'm planning on being on the Anime Boston 2012 episode of Otaku In Review, so maybe that'll be fun.  Until then, I guess I'll keep doing my thing.

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