Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Black Rock Shooter: The Series Episode 2

More is revealed as the Black Rock Shooter Series continues. Giving us more as to who Black Rock Shooter Really is, and more answers to questions previously asked.

As the heat turns up in The realm of BRS, the sun goes down as Mato invites Yomi to The festival.
Unfortunately, Kagari doesn't like this, and prevents Yomi from going, even though yomi tells kagari that she wants to. It seems that Kagari was Yomis childhood friend, and through an accident that happened at a young age, Kagari cannot seem to do anything without the help of yomi.
The same applies in the realm of BRS. As Black rock shooter continues the fight against Mutated Kagari, Dead witch shows up and assists in the fight against BRS. Dead Witch as we all know from the OVA, is Yomi's Dimensional Double, utilizing her chains to hold down BRS while Kagari does some serious damage. However, It seems Dead Witch is doing it against her will.

Still no sign of a voice for BRS. She may become a silent protagonist, but it seems that none of the other 3 Dimensional Doubles have a voice either, making it seem that they might just not give any of them voices. It seems that the animation was cut down from the first episode, though that is normal, considering how much time it would take for each individual sequence to take place if the swords and guns were all formed as detailed as in the first episode.

Something I found interesting is BRS's ability to transform her gun. I found this to be unique since not many characters lately, can transform their weapon from a cannon to a turret in a 6 second transformation. Once again the music was done well, I don't particularly like the ending song, but that's just me. The Opening which was the ending in the first episode, was obviously a remixed version of the song "Black Rock Shooter" sung by what sounds like Miku Hatsune Append. One thing I didn't like, is that they have yet to release proper names for the Dimensional Doubles. Now, they may release them outside of the show, like they did with Black Rock Shooter, Dead Witch, and Black Gold Saw, But I don't care for it to be done that way. I would Prefer if they gave them name In-show.

Characters: 5/5
Plot Advancement: 4/5
Creepy Children: 5/5
Sword use: 5/5
Animation Quality: 4/5

Overall: 4.5/5

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