Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Review: Pancakes!

In honor of National Pancake Day, I propose a special review.  Something I've never done before: review a card game. And the game in question is the aptly named "Pancakes!" card game.  If you've never heard of it, don't worry: it's pretty hard to find, so only a few people know about it.

Put simply, the object of "Pancakes!" is to score 25 points before the other players. You score points by putting syrup on a stack of pancakes. Butter doubles the value of the pancakes under it, but no pancake is worth more than 2 points.  Still with me? Good. Put complexly, you're playing the odds of your opponent not rolling the die to play on the stack you want to play on.  Have fun with that.

On the positive side, this is a really simple game. On the negative side, the novelty wears out quickly, making this little more than party fare, as a 2-player game of Pancakes! tends to end quickly.  Granted, a 4-player game tends to finish in under half an hour, which a further testament to the simplicity of the game.  Anyone can learn it within one round.  If you can get a decent-sized group together quickly, I highly suggest trying to find this gem of a game.

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