Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Newest Member of The Family

I recently recruited a new member of the Anime Plate family. I'd like to welcome J to the team.  J is a freelance writer, and he asked me about writing for this site. So I guess I didn't recruit him.  J has volunteered to review the Black Rock Shooter anime that is airing this season, so look forward to that.

As for me... Well, I've been really busy with school. Too busy to review anime, apparently.  The fact that most of the anime these days is either too awful to put myself through, or it's a slice-of-life show.  That's why there hasn't been too many reviews.

But, yeah, at least there'll be stuff to post, between the Black Rock Shooter reviews and a convention report for Anime Boston in April, plus a podcast appearance on Otaku In Review.  It'll be fun, and I hope my readers haven't abandoned me in the drought of posts.

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