Monday, May 26, 2014

Anime Review: Kämpfer

We all have that one anime or movie that we secretly, or sometimes not so secretly, enjoy the living shit out of. For me, Kämpfer is that anime. And that's this week's review. Read the rest after the jump.

Spoilers beyond here.

The character designs are... unique. Everyone, when transformed, has what many would call "anime hair": wild colors only possible in real life through hair dye. Normally, everyone has normal hair colors... except Natsuru, whose hair is just a darker blue. Good job, character designers. Quality job.

The music is bad. There's only a few tracks I liked: Akane Mishima's themes, Mikoto Kondo's theme, the opening theme, and the ending theme. The rest is generic record-scratching music. No, really. There's, like, 5 good songs in the whole game. Not impressed.

The plot... Oh, man. Where do I start? The show establishes the general concepts of Kämpfers, introduces Natsuru Senou and Akane Mishima, all in the first episode. Once the Student Council President is introduced, the show slips into slice-of-life for a few episodes before introducing Mikoto. Then it's a hackneyed and rather rushed plot resolution, followed by a Christmas episode that left me staring at my screen for about 15 minutes as my brain attempted to process the episode. Oops.

Frankly, this show is awful. It's riddled with fanservice, has no sense of pacing, and all the music sounds like something you'd hear in a strip club or in an H-game. Except Akane's theme and Mikoto's theme. Those tracks are awesome. All in all, Kämpfer can be considered "so bad, it's good". I can sit down, watch a couple episodes, and laugh at how bad it is.

Character Design: 6/10
Music: 3/10
Writing: 2/10
Akane's Language: 5/10

Overall: 4/10
I'd Rewatch On Occasion

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