Sunday, July 20, 2014

Manga Review: Azumanga Daioh Volume 2

It's that time again: time for another Azumanga Daioh manga review! Since I covered most of the Azumanga basics in my last review, this one'll be a bit shorter. Same thing for volumes 3 and 4. With that little note out of the way, let's get the review started!

And, before you ask, no I didn't read the Japanese version. Google-kun simply didn't like me.

The Talk after the jump!

Volume 2 sees the formal introduction of Kagura, who follows the jock archetype, right down to the poor grades in not-PE. The weird cat-thing is formally revealed (by Sakaki) to be Chiyo's "dad". Sure. Lastly, the second summer trip is seen in this volume, with the gang returning to Chiyo's guest house. Fun times were had. The Talk was also had.

Kagura follows the jock archetype to a T. She's bent on beating everyone, especially Sakaki... who is all "whatevs". Chiyo's "dad" is shown to be prone to waxing philosophical about this and that, which becomes particularly awesome in the anime, but that's a whole other review. Kimura's still a creep. That's really about it for the characters.

The jokes were about what you would come to expect from Azumanga Daioh at this point. Kimura's creepiness/pedophilia is played up for laughs, as is Yukari's driving. One particularly notable joke was the very last one in the volume, in which Yukari is prevented from getting drunk by Kurosawa-sensei... and promptly lectures all the girls about sex, capped off by Chiyo recalling all of this to Nyamo the next morning, to her horror.The status quo of the comedy for this series is absolutely maintained.

What else is there to say? It's another volume of Azumanga Daioh. All the usual stuff is here, and with the addition of Kagura, the cast is complete. Aside from that... oh, yes. The translation. The translation seems to be better than that of the first volume. Osaka in particular, is less Brooklyn-y than she was in volume 1, though that could be due to her now-established role as the space cadet. Not much else to say, so let's move on to scores.


Characters: 4/5 (Kagura's introduction adds a new dimension to the dynamic)
Writing: 3.5/5 (Several jokes are re-used, though often with a new spin)
Translation: 4.5/5 (As mentioned earlier, Osaka is less Brooklyn-y)
Bonus Content: 0/5 (Once again, absolutely no bonus content)

Overall: 3/5
A solid volume, but no bonus content really hurts the value.

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