Monday, December 13, 2010

Review: MM! 11

After last week's disappointment, I'm really hoping for an improvement this week. Surely, the writers have some new jokes in store? Surely, they've got some fantastic episode plot in store? They do, right? RIGHT?! Oh, who am I kidding? This show is starting to suck.

Tarou is suffering amnesia as a result of his repeated “treatments” at the hands of Mio Isurugi. As such, it's up to Yuuno to take care of Tarou till his memory comes back. At least, that's what I'm expecting, but perhaps the writers have a twist prepared? Yeah, right.

Sadly, by the eyecatch, I was already thoroughly disappointed, as the plot ended up being a typical amnesia plot. There weren't any twists in the episode, and the dialogue was incredibly predictable. Additionally, the ending didn't reel me in too well, giving us the stereotypical “shock therapy” cure.

When I watch an episode, I don't want to see a overused plot like this one. I want to see something at least mildly original. Even throwing a twist into said overused plot would make it interesting. But, no, the writers couldn't think of anything good, and decided to just run with the stale amnesia idea.

At a time when a show should have more effort put in, MM! is putting in less effort, giving us crap plots each week, filled with stale jokes and pointless violence. The tail end of the season should be epic, with major plot advancement, something MM! hasn't given us all season.

It's starting to feel like the writers are pulling these plots out of the “cliche” bin. That's making it very hard to look forward to the episode each week. Thankfully, there's only one episode left. I'll finish this one, but I'm starting to reconsider watching the OVAs next season, especially if this is what I'm going to get. I have the feeling it's going to be a very slow winter.

Plot Advancement: 1.5/5

Comedy: 1/5
Episode Plot: 2/5
Characters: 1.5/5

Overall: 1.5/5

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